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Flood Safety

Safety is virtually the most important consideration in regard to flooding. Major safety tips to observe are:

If you know a flood is coming, you should shut off the gas and electricity and move valuables upstairs. It is unlikely that you will get much warning, so a detailed checklist prepared in advance would help prevent loss.

Do not walk through flowing water, as drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths. Even six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet. (If you walk through standing water, use a pole or stick to ensure that the ground is still there.)

Do not drive through a flooded area. More people drown in their cars more than in any other way. Don't drive around road barriers. A barrier may indicate that a road or bridge is washed out.

Stay away from power lines and electrical hazards, such as wires. Report downed power lines to Progress Energy at 1-800-419-6356. Please remember that electrical current can travel through water. And some appliances, such as television sets, keep electrical charges even after they have been unplugged. If rising water threatens your home, turn off the power at the circuit breaker panel or fuse box before water enters your home. Never touch a circuit breaker with wet hands, or while standing on a wet or damp surface. Have an electrician inspect your system before turning the power back on after flooding.

Watch for animals, especially snakes. Animals that have been flooded out of their homes may seek shelter in yours. Use a pole or stick to poke and turn things over and scare away small animals.

Look before you step. Slippery surfaces and sharp objects could cause falls and other bodily injuries.

Be alert for gas leaks. Don't smoke or use candles, lanterns, or open flames unless you know that the gas has been turned off and the area ventilated.



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